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Have something interesting you or someone you know captured? Upload it here! We will professionally analyze it and make sure you get some fame to what you've captured! We accept photos, videos, and audio evps. 

Gallery of photos taken the week ending 8/15/15 at a local chain restaurant between 3 - 4:30 a.m. Each photo contains an interesting focal point.  (Hover mouse on each photo for details) (Zoom in for a better, clearer view)

Residence in Mine Hill Township, NJ.

Cemetery Photography

Audio files of a few of our hundreds of EVPS

Class A EVP: I say "the old address was", then you hear "And that was us!" Was speaking about the location of the hotel fire from about 80 years ago. A second EVP follows this one shortly after, see the next EVP below..

Second part of above EVP. About 2 seconds later whispers "Fire" after talking about hotel fire near location with the clients. Relevant and correlates. Not class A, but fairly clear.

..has an interesting mind.

Working with infamous Ghost Hunters Jay, Grant, and Mr. Tango!!!

Me with Jason and Grant: Pre-Investigation
Mr. Tango sitting, telling a story about the location.