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Almost all of us were raised with different religious backgrounds, spiritual differences, different ethnicities alongside many other societal differences. There is one subject that has always been brought up amongst most every person and alongside that, a question: Is there life after death? Each and every person is entitled to their own opinion, and most, have a strong one of their own. Are most people qualified or knowledgeable enough to even state their opinion to others without any prejudice or preconceived judgment? Are spiritual beliefs or ones’ upraising enough to inhibit the potential of learning the truth and understanding of death and the paranormal amongst others?

In this book we will delve into many subjects such as the differences between the spiritual side versus the scientific side of the paranormal occurrences so many of us had heard of, or encountered. Along with that, I will share my experiences in the paranormal field including many subjects such as: paranormal equipment, (purchasing and uses), questions for clients and paranormal team members, research tactics, building your own paranormal devices using household items, and scientific updates within the paranormal research field.

First and foremost there is a question that begs to be answered; Why are you doing this? Is it the hype in the media and television? Are you doing this because you are passionate about finding answers to the unknown that no one has yet to make a “definite” out of? Do you, yourself need answers to what happens after we pass to ease your own racing thoughts and questions? No matter what the reason is, you are here and this is what you have chosen to quest upon. There is no turning back. Whether you are a true believer or are skeptical, the things you will see, hear, smell, and experience may alter your total belief system forever. Just brace yourself and be prepared to encounter things that may be unsettling, mysterious, exciting, and any other soul tinging feelings one may have.






Chapter 1: What Are Ghosts Made Of?



What defines paranormal? What do we, as a society, define as an entity or a haunting? What criteria should we abide by? Are there certain guidelines or specifications to check through, to conclude what we may have seen or heard? Those are all great questions, but they almost always lead to a controversial argument or debate. From my personal experiences and research, I couldn’t even define the word paranormal in just one single sentence, or briefly explain an entity without going into a much deeper discussion or description. I believe most people have their own definitions, and most are based upon their upbringing, their religion, and person experiences. No two people will give you the same answer, unless it’s a “text book” definition. The word ghost, alone will have one’s mind conjuring up misty, seemingly dark, creatively shaped, and opaque figures. From my encounters and research, I typically would like to put them into separate categories. As has been said for eras, no two snow flakes are alike. With that being said, I‘ve always uttered that no two ghosts are a like.

Over the past 14 years of my extreme interest and constant research I've come across a quandry of issues concerning this paradox between whether ghosts are made up of electrons or not. This is a serious oxymoron. To put it in Lamen's Terms, If ghosts can go through walls and tangible objects, there is no scientific possibility they are made up of electrons. Also, if the claim is that ghosts are not made up of electrons that means that most of our newest and widely used technology is seemlessly useless. Most of these pieces of equipment detect, track, and alert the user when there is a entity in the room through detecting fluctuations within the electromagnetic field. Now if an entity is NOT made up of electrons, that means that all these “hits”, all of the evidence, has been false, has been wrong... all of this time. This means that all of this technology, all of these endless man hours of detection, reviewing, studying, and researching were all for nothing. On the other end of the spectrum, we can say that ghosts are in fact made up of electrons. If this is the case, most of our EMF detectors, KII meters, and Tri-Field Detectors are not all for nothing. But with this theory comes the face that any mass that is made up of electrons cannot in fact move through solid masses, for they are considered solid mass.

With this theortetical ideology, there is a third theory that has come into play over the past recent years. Scientists, theorists, paranormal investigators, psychics, etc have come up with a totally third idea, that leaves a lot of room for play. The notion of this newest theory states that ghosts are made up of a totally different type of “Electron”, they are made up of what people now call “ghost particles”. The reason for calling them ghost particles for other than the obvious reasons is that the make up of these particles and reasoning behind it is still unknown. Think of it being named similar to how the word “dark” comes into play in the wording of dark matter. It is called dark not because of its color or any other physical attribute, they call it dark because dark has an alternate meaning; meaning unknown. Therefore these “ghost particles” bring on a whole new concept to the ideas and science behind the typical entity or ghost. These “particles” are a new idea and no one has an exact explanation to its physical make up, its intereference with other common states of matter, etc. But the only way for people who believe that BOTH the EMF equipment is accurate and ALSO that ghosts can make their way through walls and solid surfaces is by coming up with a totally different theory; and this is the one that has been brough up over the past recent years.

Not that this should have a large bearing on your paranormal investigating, but it should be something to consider, something to put towards your hard earned research. This should also be a stepping stone for you to figure out where you believe you stand on your own principals and theories. Either way, no matter how conflicting the evidence, when it comes to this huge oxymoron, you still should take each and every thorough piece of evidence and use it to the best of your ability. Just because society has not caught up with science to the exact extreme we all wish it to be, we need to take that third theory into consideration and hope that maybe, soon that maybe, all of those loose pieces of this extravagant puzzle will someday within our lifetime, will come together.







Chapter 2: Residual, Intelligent, and Other Types of Hauntings



There are typically two main categories of paranormal experiences that I will summarize. Residual and intelligent. From there, those two can be broken down into other categories, and into others, and others. The list without detrimental outcomings, can be ongoing.

Residual paranormal events: The word residual in itself can be defined as something that “resides” within something else; whether it be land, a house hold item, a strong emotional energy, etc. For some reason, residual haunting account for more than 50% of all reported haunting. I would like to put an emphasis on the, reported, part. Many paranormal enthusiasts and investigators like to compare a residual haunting with it being like a “record of time”, and imprint in time. Also referred to as the “stone tape theory”. Residual energy and events are comparable to a scratch in an old-style record. For those who have used records that had scratches, or cd’s that skip, it keeps playing the same thing over and over Residual energy and activity is normally not predictable, and cannot be controlled; as opposed to an intelligent entity or intelligent haunting. Residual events may seem to happen at random, while others, have a common pattern. One may happen every Friday at midnight, another every third Sunday of each year, while others seem to be quite random. It is hard to come to a conclusion when these residual accounts may happen. Many paranormal investigators like to compare experiencing a visual of a residual haunt comparably to winning the lottery. Many say, that is has many different elements that may “make” this occur. Weather, props, provocation, time, date, day, etc. When it comes to a person witnessing a residual haunting, their fright and fear may actually in turn, fuel the haunting to become more aggressive or constant. Most witnesses claim to see a person walking through their property or other places, and go about their way without an awareness that there is anyone else around them and no other events going on around them. A simple example would be one seeing a woman in a white wedding dress just slowing walking down their staircase. No matter how much they would scream or attempt to interact, this ‘woman’ would continue her route and then slowly dissipate or pass through their destination.

The seemingly more accurate way to test a residual theory is to keep a log of all the events that take place. Make sure to keep exact location, what was seen, heard, smelt, time, day, weather, emf, etc. Also a digital recorder wouldn’t hurt. It would probably be best to get legal consent to do this at a known haunted location or at a location where you have investigated and had signs of a residual haunting. Make sure you research the land, the foundation, and the elements the property is made of. Many of this information can be easily collected at a local library or historian. Also, as a great benefit to investigators there exists the United States Geological Survey (USGS). Attempt to contact them, or see if they have any posted information of any survey they may have done on that location. If one was done, research which rocks/minerals/man-made materials were present at the location, and when that survey was done. Some foundations could have been constructed years after a residual haunt may have occurred, and then, may have no bearing on your specific quest or search.

There is also a lot of talk of certain earthly elements being more likely to hold onto residual energy more than others. A few examples of those are limestone, quartz, and magnetite.

Intelligent paranormal events: The word intelligent, can defined differently by different people, websites, and dictionaries. has a few definiitions of the word. The first definition listed states: “Having good understanding or a high mental capacity; quick to comprehend, as persons or animals”. Secondly they have it defined as: “Displaying or characterized by quickness of understanding; possessing intelligence”. The page of this words definition goes on to list quite a few more for this word. When speaking of intelligent hauntings, the word intelligence is a teensy bit different than the standard dictionary definition. Although traits of an intelligent haunting do display some of the characteristics listed by the dictionary, an intelligent haunting or activity has a whole new set of standards, rules, and “symptoms” that can get quite intense, especially to those who are not familiar with such a paranormal phenomena.

When referring to intelligenct hauntings in the terms of ghost hunting, it has also been known as a classic or a traditional haunting. Where in a residual haunting, as explained earlier where the entity or activity seems to go off on its' own tangent and have no sense of its' surroundings or capabilities to respond or interact, and intelligent haunting is completely the opposite that. When it comes to paranormal investigations, an intelligent haunting is like the jackpot for ghost hunters, it is mainly what we are looking to encounter. Whilst there are many ways to determine is activity is intelligent or displaying residual features, it can be quite simple to figure out, there is a basic rule to follow, to determine which it is. Simply put, if the activity or entity can directly interact with the lviing, displays knowledge of its surroundings, or demonstrates reaction to other stimuli, it would be considered intelligent. During intelligent hauntings, entities may interact with the living in many ways. This can be displayed by answering a question by responding by E.V.P. (later explained), by moving objects on command or by doing so for redirection of attention, or by exhibiting any type of reaction to questioning, requests, or movement.

The reaction of these entities may not always be positive, and whether it is good or bad, that does not change the type of haunting is it. Reguarless of the type or degree of activity of this kind, it will still be considered the same. Many people pick up on the paranormal activity going on in their environment after some type of interaction with an intelligent spirit. Some people hear their name being called while others notice that the tv may change channels or the lights will flicker after doing or saying something that is of interest to the dead.